Smith Felton Capital Partners

Smith Felton Capital Partners is a British financial advisory business specialized in corporate finance services and consulting.
We are headquartered in London, with operational offices in Romania's capital city-Bucharest. Opening a local branch in Bucharest represented a strategic decision thanks to its position in Eastern Europe and is part of a plan to expand throughout the world.
It also stands as the perfect launching platform for our niche services like Haircut by reducing Bank and unsecured Liabilities, but also in Mergers & Acquisitions having an excellent track record in Project and Corporate Financing.


Our specialists put together growth opportunities, connect and attract the investors from the financial centers towards the emerging markets.
They explore and develop Romanian business communities under a comprehensive discovery process that reveals our partners' current financial situation, advance entrepreneurship education to promote startup-friendly policies, and to understand what new firms need.
We map the road between the business opportunities and the finance source.


Our mission is to listen to our clients' voices, identify their needs as to understand their focus.
We see the problem, we crop a tailored solution to their unique set of circumstances and we deliver impact. As a result, our partners achieve outsized returns by optimizing talent investments more effectively, reducing risk, and enabling and accelerating growth. We focus on doing more, better, delivering effective results.
Smith Felton Capital Partners has the power to transform strategic thinking into reality.
We define ourselves by the financial achievements of our partners and believe that acting in our partners’ interest is the only route to our own success


    • Innovation
      Entreprenurial Culture
      Impeccable Project Management
      Local expertise and global networking
  • SFCP lead the business in compliance with the highest ethical business standard and promote open relationship with our clients & partners based on mutual trust, respect and competence.